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Empowering Brands.
Eliminating Counterfeits.
Protecting Consumers.
Boosting Revenue.

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Our Mission

Welcome to a brand protection solution like no other. At DEC, our services are not only proven to reduce the supply of counterfeit products on the international marketplace by up to 70%, but we go above and beyond. By seizing monetary assets from the criminal gangs that exploit your reputation, we not only protect your brand but also generate revenue that flows right back into your business.


Utilising the full spectrum of law enforcement skills and techniques at our disposal, we conduct ethical covert online investigations to gather and secure world class digital and physical evidence packages.

Asset Tracing

Asset tracing is the cornerstone of our counterfeit brand protection approach at DEC. With relentless precision, we investigate and track down the financial assets of counterfeiters who seek to exploit your brand's reputation. Our team of skilled professionals combines cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to identify and seize the ill-gotten gains of these criminal entities


In the relentless battle against counterfeit products, takedowns remain as a vital option in brand protection. These strategic maneuvers involve identifying and removing illicit listings, websites, and marketplaces that peddle counterfeit goods.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is the beacon guiding brand protection strategies. At DEC, we understand the paramount importance of staying ahead of counterfeiters. Our experts deploy law enforcement styled intelligence gathering techniques to monitor and analyse the evolving landscape of counterfeit operations.

Our Services

What sets us apart is our commitment and innovative approach: we will never charge you for the services we provide. Our costs are entirely covered by the assets we identify and seize through our rigorous investigations and court actions against counterfeiters. In essence, we make the counterfeiters pay to protect your brand. With DEC, safeguarding your brand it is not an expense – it's a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Our Clients Say

"DEC's professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency have been invaluable assets in our fight against counterfeiting. Their contribution has greatly enhanced our efforts and outcomes in this challenging field."


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