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Our Services


Utilising the full spectrum of law enforcement skills and techniques at our disposal, we conduct ethical covert online investigations to gather and secure world class digital and physical evidence packages. These in turn facilitate our highly specialized attorneys in restraining and defaulting the payment processor accounts used by international counterfeiters to prevent the supply of their illicit goods around the globe and take back the revenue that is rightfully yours.


In the relentless battle against counterfeit products, takedowns remain as a vital option in brand protection. These strategic maneuvers involve identifying and removing illicit listings, websites, and marketplaces that peddle counterfeit goods. At DEC we specialise in executing precision takedowns that disrupt the operations of counterfeiters. Our dedicated experts employ cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to swiftly dismantle these threats to your brand's integrity. With each takedown, we strike a blow against counterfeiters, curtailing their reach and safeguarding your reputation. Our commitment to decisive takedowns is a cornerstone of our holistic approach, ensuring that your brand remains secure in the ever-evolving landscape of counterfeit challenges.

Asset Tracing

Asset tracing is the cornerstone of our counterfeit brand protection approach at DEC. With relentless precision, we investigate and track down the financial assets of counterfeiters who seek to exploit your brand's reputation. Our team of skilled professionals combines cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to identify and seize the ill-gotten gains of these criminal entities. This not only serves as a deterrent against counterfeiters but also allows us to recover valuable resources that are returned to your business. Our asset tracing efforts not only protect your brand but also generate revenue, making counterfeiters pay for threatening your brand. With DEC, safeguarding your brand comes with a built-in financial rewards.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is the beacon guiding brand protection strategies. At DEC, we understand the paramount importance of staying ahead of counterfeiters. Our experts deploy law enforcement styled intelligence gathering techniques to monitor and analyse the evolving landscape of counterfeit operations. Through comprehensive data gathering and analysis, we provide our clients with real-time insights into the counterfeit market, enabling proactive responses. This valuable intelligence empowers brands to make informed decisions and implement targeted, effective measures to thwart counterfeiters, preserving brand integrity. With our market intelligence solutions, we offer a robust strategies against the ever evolving threat of counterfeit products

Trademark Surveillance

Trademark Surveillance is the vigilant watchtower of brand protection. At DEC, we take this responsibility seriously. Our trademark surveillance services are designed to safeguard your brand's identity and reputation by proactively tracking trademark infringements and trolls across digital and physical channels. By identifying potential threats in real-time, we enable swift and effective action to prevent fraudulent & malicious activities which damage your brands and profits . With our trademark surveillance, your brand stays one step ahead, preserving its integrity and market presence.

Domain Recovery

In the realm of counterfeit brand protection, domain recovery is a crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. At DEC, we recognise the significance of safeguarding your online presence. Our domain recovery services are designed to reclaim control over domains misappropriated by counterfeiters and illicit operators. We employ a dedicated team of legal experts and technical specialists to navigate the complex process of domain retrieval, ensuring that your brand's digital assets are in secure hands. By swiftly and effectively regaining control of these domains, we bolster your brand's online reputation and fortify the defense against counterfeit products. With our domain recovery expertise, your brand remains resilient and protected in the digital arena.

Private Prosecutions

Leveraging our extensive experience in law enforcement, DEC offers a unique and powerful tool in the fight against counterfeit brand threats: private prosecutions. Our skilled legal professionals understand the intricacies of pursuing legal action against counterfeiters. Private prosecutions enable us to take a proactive stance in seeking justice on your behalf, even when traditional legal channels might not suffice. This approach allows us to hold counterfeiters accountable, seeking both punitive measures and compensation for damages. With DEC, your brand is fortified by a dedicated team that possesses the knowledge and resources to navigate the legal landscape, ensuring counterfeiters face the consequences of their actions while safeguarding your brand's integrity.

Consulting - Trademark and Copyright Advice 

In the complex arena of brand protection, expert guidance is indispensable. At DEC, we offer specialised consulting services that provide invaluable trademark and copyright advice. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of intellectual property laws. We work closely with your brand to craft a robust and proactive strategy that safeguards your trademarks and copyrights. From trademark registration to copyright enforcement, our tailored solutions ensure that your brand's creative and intellectual assets are protected from counterfeit threats. With our consulting expertise, you gain a vigilant partner to navigate the legal nuances of brand protection, empowering you to secure your intellectual property and preserve your brand's authenticity.

Why Choose Us

We don't just provide solutions; we live and breathe them. What sets us apart is our team's unique composition, comprising former intelligence and law enforcement professionals. This unparalleled expertise gives us a distinct edge in understanding and combating counterfeit threats. Unlike other companies, we leverage our insider knowledge to offer a level of insight and effectiveness that's second to none. With us, you're not just partnering with a business; you're collaborating with a team that intimately comprehends the intricacies of brand protection, ensuring that your brand remains secure, authentic, and one step ahead of counterfeit challenges.

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