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ZAG - Miraculous Ladybug

Counterfeiters avoiding Trademark use & operating on independent websites

Battling Counterfeiters: A Case Study in Copyright and Trademark Protection for ZAG


ZAG, a leading entertainment company, encountered a significant challenge as counterfeiters shifted their operations away from traditional e-commerce platforms to independent websites. These counterfeiters deliberately avoided using ZAG's trademark, focusing instead on copyright infringement. Moreover, they began creating deceptive 'official' websites, adding complexity to the situation.

Problem Statement

ZAG faced a predominant issue of copyright infringement as counterfeiters strategically evaded trademark usage. With the counterfeiters migrating to independent websites and deploying deceptive tactics, ZAG faced a daunting task in protecting its intellectual property rights and preserving brand integrity.

Solution Implemented

To address the evolving tactics of counterfeiters, our team devised a multifaceted solution tailored to ZAG's unique challenges:

1. Copyright Enforcement: Robust measures were implemented to safeguard ZAG's creative content from unauthorised reproduction and distribution.

2. Trademark Enforcement: Despite counterfeiters avoiding trademarks, we initiated enforcement actions to protect ZAG's brand identity.

3. Covert Test Purchases: Through covert test purchases, we identified and gathered evidence against unauthorized sellers on independent websites.

4. Asset Restraint: Measures were taken to freeze financial assets associated with the sale of counterfeit products.

5. Efficient Takedowns: Swift and efficient takedown requests were executed to remove infringing content from independent websites.

6. Domain Recovery: We conducted domain recovery operations to reclaim control over counterfeit domains masquerading as official ZAG websites.

Results Achieved

Through our comprehensive brand protection efforts, significant outcomes were achieved:

- Copyright Infringement Mitigation: Enforcement actions led to a reduction in unauthorized use of ZAG's copyrighted materials across independent websites.

- Disruption of Illicit Operations: By targeting unauthorized sellers and freezing illicit gains, counterfeit operations were disrupted.

- Brand Integrity Preservation: Proactive measures contributed to preserving ZAG's brand integrity, ensuring association with quality and authenticity.

- Domain Reclamation: Efforts in domain recovery successfully reclaimed control over counterfeit domains, mitigating deceptive practices.


The partnership with ZAG underscores the importance of proactive brand protection in combating copyright infringement and preserving brand integrity against evolving counterfeit tactics. By implementing a comprehensive strategy encompassing copyright and trademark enforcement, covert investigations, asset restraint, efficient takedowns, and domain recovery, ZAG's intellectual property rights were safeguarded. As ZAG continues to innovate and captivate audiences, our commitment to supporting their brand protection efforts remains unwavering, ensuring continued success and longevity in the entertainment industry.

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