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ZAG - Miraculous Ladybug

Counterfeiters avoiding Trademark use & operating on independent websites.

Tracking counterfeiters shifting to independent websites and traying to protect themselves by evading Trademarks 


The client predominantly faces copyright infringement issues as infringers purposefully avoid using their trademark. The counterfeiters have shifted away from e-commerce platforms and are now predominantly operating on independent websites. Additionally, they have started creating deceptive 'official' websites, further complicating the situation.


We devised a multifaceted solution to address the complexities faced by our client: Copyright enforcement to protect their creative content, trademark enforcement, conducting covert test purchases to identify unauthorised sellers, asset restraint to freeze illicit gains, efficient takedowns to remove infringing content, and domain recovery to reclaim control over counterfeit 'official' Miraculous Ladybug websites.

Power in Numbers


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