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Global Household Goods Client

Grey marketing & consumer goods testing.

Addressing grey market issue and implementing unique testing for counterfeit identification.



The client encountered a multifaceted challenge involving trademark infringement, counterfeiters producing fake documentation and packaging, and a significant issue with parallel imports & grey market. Identifying these counterfeits necessitated an unconventional approach: destructive testing. This method involved examining product quality and hidden batch codes within components by cracking open the product to determine its authenticity. 

Solution : 

We offered a solution tailored to address the challenges faced by the client: conducting covert test purchases to identify illicit sellers, gathering intelligence to uncover crucial insights, prioritizing intelligence feedback over revenue for the client's strategic needs, providing substantial supply chain intelligence, and implementing destructive testing as a vital tool for eliminating counterfeits, especially in instances where conventional methods fall short.

Power in Numbers

Number of infringing accounts frozen

Legal cases filed

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