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Global Household Goods Client

Grey marketing & consumer goods testing

Combating Grey Market Challenges: A Case Study in Unique Testing for Counterfeit Identification


Our client, a leading brand, confronted a multifaceted challenge involving trademark infringement, counterfeit production, and significant issues with parallel imports and the grey market. Conventional methods for identifying counterfeits proved insufficient in the face of sophisticated counterfeiters producing fake documentation and packaging. To address this challenge, an unconventional approach was required: destructive testing.

Problem Statement

The client's brand integrity was under threat from various fronts, including trademark infringement and the proliferation of counterfeit products with deceptive documentation and packaging. Additionally, the prevalence of parallel imports and the grey market compounded the challenge of identifying and eliminating counterfeits. Conventional methods were inadequate in distinguishing authentic products from counterfeits, necessitating an innovative approach to counterfeit identification.

Solution Implemented

In response to the client's complex challenges, our team devised a comprehensive solution:

1. Covert Test Purchases: Through covert operations, we identified illicit sellers and gathered intelligence to uncover crucial insights into counterfeit distribution networks.

2. Intelligence Prioritisation: Prioritizing intelligence feedback over immediate revenue, we focused on addressing the client's strategic needs and enhancing brand protection measures.

3. Supply Chain Intelligence: Providing substantial supply chain intelligence, we offered insights into the origins and distribution channels of counterfeit products, enabling targeted enforcement actions.

4. Destructive Testing: Implementing destructive testing as a vital tool for counterfeit identification, especially in cases where conventional methods were inadequate. This involved examining product quality and hidden batch codes within components by dismantling the product to determine authenticity.

Results Achieved

Through the implementation of our tailored solution, significant outcomes were achieved:

- Enhanced Counterfeit Identification: Destructive testing proved to be a highly effective method for identifying counterfeit products, enabling the client to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit items with greater accuracy.

- Disruption of Counterfeit Operations: Covert test purchases and supply chain intelligence facilitated targeted enforcement actions, disrupting counterfeit distribution networks and deterring future infringement.

- Protection of Brand Integrity: By addressing trademark infringement and counterfeit production, the client's brand integrity was preserved, reaffirming consumer trust and loyalty.


The successful partnership with our client exemplifies the importance of adopting innovative approaches to combatting counterfeit challenges, particularly in the face of grey market issues and sophisticated counterfeit operations. By implementing unique testing methods such as destructive testing and leveraging intelligence-driven strategies, we provided effective solutions for counterfeit identification and brand protection. As our client continues to navigate the complexities of the marketplace, we remain committed to supporting their efforts in safeguarding brand integrity and combating counterfeit activities.

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